October 18, 2019

“Genuinely blessed to have found Folsom Psychiatry associates. I moved here from Texas recently and was worried about continuing Psychiatric care when I arrived. Folsom psychiatry has made the entire process worry free for me all the way from the front desk to the doctor. I had a panic attack after getting my blood drawn and the nurse was amazing and immediately responded to it happening she asked if I needed anything and all I could mutter was “something cold” she RAN and grabbed me an ice pack and cold water. I was apologetic because it was embarrassing and she was amazing but she wouldn’t take my apology because these people actually care about their patients and know and see what you’re going through. Doctor Hasnain is amazing, kind, genuine and thorough. I highly reccomend Folsom Psychiatry Associates if you’re looking for a Psychiatrists office that actually sees you as a human being and not dollar signs.”