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An eating disorder occurs when emotions disrupt someone’s regular eating habits and behaviors. Worries about their body image or weight often become all-consuming thoughts, and people feel very critical of their bodies. Individuals who are struggling with an eating disorder may see restricting food or binging then purging as a form of control. Often, those with eating disorders think they do not have a problem, and this denial can last even as the disorder takes a toll on their physical and mental health.

Do you suspect you or someone you love has an eating disorder? These conditions can become very serious, leading to long-term health issues. Receiving a diagnosis is the first step on a long road to recovery. Eating disorder treatment centers can play a central role in the healing that must take place to treat an eating disorder.

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Advanced Psychiatry Associates is a leading eating disorder recovery center in Northern and Southern California. We assist with a range of conditions. Our private, full-service facilities offer comprehensive services to a diverse group of patients ages 14 and older who suffer from eating disorders.

You or a loved one can recover from an eating disorder with the right guidance. Learn more about our eating disorder treatment program for residents of Folsom, Elk Grove, Roseville, Sacramento, Auburn, Encino, West Covina, Irvine, San Diego, and surrounding areas.

Common Types of Eating Disorders

There are many eating disorders, but the three most common ones we treat at our facilities:

  • Anorexia nervosa: People with anorexia have an overwhelming fear of gaining weight, and they restrict their food intake severely to avoid weight gain. They may have a distorted view of their body. The root emotional problem and desire for control come out in the refusal to eat. People with anorexia often try diet aids such as laxatives to try to lose even more weight.
  • Bulimia nervosa: Those with bulimia nervosa exhibit a cycle of binging and purging, and they have an intense fear of weight gain. A person will consume a large amount of food during the binge, then suffer through guilt and shame after eating. They make themselves throw up, or purge, to eliminate the calories consumed in the binge. They may also use diuretics, laxatives or excessive exercise to lose weight after a binge.
  • Binge eating: People who binge eat consume large quantities of food and feel as though they can’t stop eating, even if they are full. This is more than just overeating at a holiday meal. This pattern includes excessive overeating and often accompanying weight gain. People frequently feel like they can’t control themselves around food.

Professional Treatment for Eating Disorders in California

An eating disorder can disrupt your life and impact your family. If you believe you or a loved one suffers from an eating disorder, setting up an evaluation with an eating disorder therapist can confirm a diagnosis and lead to a path of recovery.Mental Health Doctor Writing on Clipboard

Our unique eating disorder treatment program is provided on an outpatient basis. Everyone we serve enjoys the benefits of choosing a facility with a range of abilities. No other facility in California offers the same breadth or depth of anorexia treatment in California. Just a few of our capabilities include:

You receive many benefits when you choose Advanced Psychiatry Associates as your therapist in Californiato care for you or a loved one living with an eating disorder. Our practice has been helping people like you for more than 15 years. This one-stop approach makes it easier to coordinate your care or the care received by a loved one. You can consult with a single doctor instead of a network, and you’ll get your lab results quickly.

We also offer flexible payment options, accepting all the major insurance companies. We take Medicare and workers’ compensation, too. Our team of nurses and physicians can write prescriptions to aid with recovery from eating disorders, and our facility is the largest of its kind in the area.

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Seeing a psychiatrist for an eating disorder can help you discover the root causes of this emotional issue and deal with the physical symptoms that arise. Getting a diagnosis and proceeding to treatment can help you or your loved one make changes that will lead to a healthier, stronger life.

Get anorexia, bulimia and binge eating treatment throughout California by contacting Advanced Psychiatry Associates. Give us a call at 1 of our locations, schedule an appointment online, or use our chat option, located in the lower-left corner of the page. We are eager to help you.

“I’ve been going here over a year now. I’ve always been treated professionally. Everyone is so nice. My clinicians are courteous and caring. Everyone I’ve dealt with has treated me respectfully while I’ve been learning to deal with my diagnoses. Highly recommend this office!”

- KIM K.