Mental Health Treatment in Sacramento, CA

At Advanced Psychiatry Associates, we offer you an all-in-one mental health facility that provides effective treatment for a wide array of disorders, including depression, anxiety, bipolar, substance abuse, and more. We offer ADHD diagnosis, treatment, medication, counseling, and psychotherapy services in the Sacramento region.

Psychiatry Services in Sacramento, CA

Booking an appointment with a caring and compassionate psychiatrist is your first step to full recovery from a mental health condition. Our behavioral health professionals have the passion and skills to provide an accurate diagnosis of any mental illness you have. We do this through comprehensive medical evaluations, running detailed medical tests, and conducting interviews with you and family members. We can also perform genetic testing for Sacramento residents that will help us prescribe the medications that are likely to treat you more effectively.

Talk therapy is another essential component of the treatment plans we develop. We’ll ask various questions to discover the kind of thoughts and fears you’ve had. We’ll also look at your medical history to discover the combination of factors that could have caused your mental illness. Together, we can uncover the root cause of your disorder and help you achieve a more satisfying lifestyle.

Treatment and Diagnosis for All Mental Health Disorders in Sacramento

After carrying out full medical tests and discussing your symptoms, behavior, fears, and thoughts, our psychiatrists recommend a treatment plan that helps you enjoy fast and effective relief from your symptoms. We offer a wide range of treatment options at Advanced Psychiatry Associates for all types of mental health conditions including:

We provide treatment for people who are 14 years of age or older. In addition to depression, we can diagnose and treat all forms of anxiety including panic disorder, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety. We can also show you how to conquer your fears so you can be confident enough to face new challenges.

Mental Health Counseling and Psychotherapy Services in Sacramento, CA

Psychotherapy and counseling are always part of every treatment plan we offer at our clinic. Whether or not you take medications, we know that talk therapy will make your recovery faster. During counseling sessions, you’ll talk freely about all your personal problems and explain how you feel. You’ll learn new coping skills so you can remain positive and enjoy a more fulfilled life.

For more information about our mental health services or if you need a medication management doctor in Sacramento, please contact us now through live chat. You can also call our office or fill out our contact form to send us a note with all your questions. Book an appointment today.

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“I’ve been going here over a year now. I’ve always been treated professionally. Everyone is so nice. My clinicians are courteous and caring. Everyone I’ve dealt with has treated me respectfully while I’ve been learning to deal with my diagnoses. Highly recommend this office!”

- KIM K.


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