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Treatment for Adult Autism in California

Autism is a brain development condition that affects how someone interacts and socializes with others. Autism treatment can significantly increase the levels of support and regulation in an individual’s daily life.

Advanced Psychiatry Associates is an autism treatment center offering comprehensive care to teens and adults with this condition. We provide counseling and an individualized approach that can help those with autism thrive. Since every instance of autism exhibits slight differences, we design treatment to aid with learning and behavior alteration.

Find out more about our autism treatment center and how it can aid you or a loved one with autism.

Treating Autism for Teens and Adults in California

Our autism therapy and mental health center in California provides aid to you or a loved one with autism needs. Our unique facility uses an individualized approach to treatment because no person with autism responds the same to treatment. We tweak our methods to embrace what works. The size and scope of our facility also make receiving treatment here easy for caregivers and patients alike.

We are a one-stop treatment and diagnosis center that will meet all your medical needs. We have a team of nurse practitioners and physicians who can prescribe medication. We’re the only private, full-service facility in Northern and Southern California offering outpatient treatment for mental health, including various conditions.

Our services include many things you usually find after visiting two or three facilities. We believe housing them in one place makes treatment easier and more effective. Our services include:

We can also assist with treating co-existing conditions, which are common among those with autism. You or a loved one may also suffer from anxiety or depression — others can experience epilepsy or stomach issues. Our experienced staff can identify these conditions and provide proper assistance.

Common Symptoms of Autism in Adults

Individuals with autism are often described as on a spectrum ranging from mild to severe symptoms — the following levels of autism can best describe this range:

  • Level 1: Those with level 1 autism have low support needs, meaning they do not need a lot of structure and can live independently.
  • Level 2: Level 2 individuals may require moderate support and assistance when living independently.
  • Level 3: Individuals with level 3 autism tend to be non-verbal with high support needs and often the inability to live independently.

People with autism can show symptoms at different stages of life. For example, men and boys can exhibit symptoms at a younger age than women or girls. Regardless of age, common symptoms of autism with high support needs may include:

  • Trouble with learning new concepts and ideas
  • Lack of language skills
  • Behavior regression, including struggling with emotional expression and identification of emotions
  • Trouble communicating or keeping a conversation
  • Consistency in routines
  • Difficulty interpreting facial expressions and body language
  • Hyperfixations or special interests

Families with loved ones on the spectrum know what a challenge it can be to deal with the symptoms of autism. You want the best for yourself or your family member. Seeking treatment could improve a child’s response to educational opportunities or help an adult live independently for the first time.

Teen and Adult Psychiatry for Treating Autism

Treating autism in adults can differ based on individual diagnosis, symptoms and what area of their life is most affected. Because there is no test to determine autism, a psychiatrist can work with individuals to determine the best therapeutic approach for the client. These approaches include:

  • Speech-language therapy: This form of therapy assists individuals in learning verbal and non-verbal skills and understanding them in return.
  • Occupational therapy: OT helps with daily tasks of living and independence. These include handwriting, fine motor skills and sensory processing.
  • Social skills training: Learning social skills like listening and behaviors and public settings can help individuals with autism be more socially aware of their surroundings.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy is an approach that connects psychological processes to behaviors and tries to find the root cause.
  • Sensory integration therapy: Overstimulation is common in adults with autism and can often cause extreme behaviors. Sensory integration therapy helps individuals cope in these situations and manage sights, sounds and stimuli.

Choose Adult Autism Therapy From California’s Leading Mental Health Clinic

Treatment can make a big difference for those with autism and their caregivers. Our psychiatrist specializing in autism can assist you. Contact us today by calling one of our offices, scheduling an appointment through our online form or starting an online chat by utilizing the box in the lower-left corner of this page.

We want to help and look forward to hearing from you to discuss your mental and behavioral health.

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