Substance Abuse

Substance abuse occurs when a person can no longer control the use of prescribed medication, legal or illegal drugs. Most substance abuse starts with the recreational use of drugs like alcohol, nicotine (found in tobacco), marijuana or heroin in social situations. Some people can become addicted to prescription drugs such as opioids which are recommended to relieve intense pain. These medications may be obtained through a doctor’s prescription, or illicitly from a friend or drug dealer.

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Addiction occurs when the brain’s normal functioning is changed by the excessive use of the drug. Some of the signs that you need to consult a substance abuse treatment center include:

  • A strong feeling that you must use the drug several times a day
  • Having a strong urge for the drug that blocks out all other thoughts
  • Taking a greater quantity of the drug than you want over a long period of time
  • Spending money on the drug, even when you can’t afford it
  • Using the drug continuously even when you know it’s interfering with your life
  • Stealing and lying to get the drug
  • Losing your ability to control your desire to get the drug even when you want to stop

Substance Abuse Treatment Center Serving California

With the right type of treatment plan and support, you or your loved one can overcome the negative effects of drug addiction and regain full control of your life. The first challenge is to admit that you have a problem with substance abuse and that you need help.

If you live in Northern and Southern, CA, you can walk into one of our all-in-one mental health facilities. We have one of the best drug abuse treatment centers with a highly skilled and compassionate team of drug abuse psychiatrists.

Substance Abuse Treatment and Diagnosis Center

To get a proper diagnosis for a substance abuse disorder for you or your loved one, you need to visit a fully equipped diagnosis center. A psychiatrist will carry out a full evaluation and assess your symptoms and medical history. You may also be interviewed by a licensed addiction counselor.Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery

The comprehensive medical test should include urine, blood and lab tests to assess the amount of the substance in the bloodstream. These tests will also help monitor your progress during the recovery phase.

Treatment Options for Drug Abuse

The type of treatment you receive depends on the type of drug used and the related mental health issues you may have. Usually, an effective treatment program provides individual and family therapy sessions, helps you understand the type of addiction you have and offers residential, inpatient and outpatient programs.

Detoxification or Withdrawal Therapy

This enables you to stop taking the substance you’re addicted to as safely as possible. Since withdrawal produces side effects, we closely monitor our patients and provide medication to help relieve pain and minimize discomfort.


This is also called talk therapy. A psychiatrist will talk to you and loved ones and:

  • Teach you how to cope with drug cravings and help with medication management
  • Teach you how to rebuild relationships with family, friends, and colleagues at work
  • Show family members how they can provide
  • Suggest techniques that help prevent relapse

Addiction and Drug Abuse Psychiatrist Throughout California

If you or your loved one has a substance abuse issue, don’t put off getting help. Seek professional help from a psychiatrist immediately.

Remember that overcoming addiction isn’t just a matter of using your willpower. Substance or drug abuse changes the way your brain works, and this causes very intense cravings and a compelling desire to use. The change in the brain makes it very difficult to stop by the mere use of the will.

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