If you deal with clinical depression, you may be one of the many patients who have proven resistant to traditional medications. However, there’s still hope for you to improve your quality of life with SPRAVATO™esketamine treatment, one of the medical industry’s newest FDA-approved treatment options for depression.

You have a whole life in front of you — loved ones, hobbies, jobs, memorable moments. It’s time to start enjoying it. You’re not alone in your search to find a depression treatment that works for you, and that’s why at Advanced Psychiatry Associates, we now offer SPRAVATO™esketamine nasal spray treatments for mental health patients at all of our treatment centers.

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Benefits of Esketamine

The main benefit of esketamine treatment is that it acts as an alternative to other forms of depression treatments. Some research suggests that almost one-third of people who have a clinical depression diagnosis are resistant to treatment. This is a major number, and it means many depression patients struggle to get the care they need.

SPRAVATO™ esketamine nasal spray treatment has been known to provide patients with relief when other forms of treatment have failed. Some of the additional advantages of this medication include:Mental Health Doctor Counseling Patient

  • Rapid results: Many anti-depressants commonly used in the medical industry take days or weeks to start improving your mental health. Esketamine, on the other hand, has its largest impact within the same day of administration — often within a matter of hours! This means if you need immediate relief from your feelings of depression, esketamine may be the solution for you.
  • Long-term improvement: By visiting your doctor to take this medication at certain intervals, you may start to notice that the effects endure for longer over time. Most patients start esketamine treatment by taking a dose twice a week — then reducing to once a week, and then once every two weeks. After this, the treatment typically continues working with the help of regular doses.
  • Reduced chance of relapse: The downside of using many anti-depressants is that, even while you’re taking them, you run the risk of relapse. But according to the FDA, esketamine has a low potential for relapse among patients. Instead, they continue to see positive results long after their first dose.

Where Can I Find SPRAVATO™ Esketamine Treatment Near Me?

We offer SPRAVATO™ esketamine treatment to many patients within the greater Sacramento area. Once you make an appointment with us, we can meet up to discuss whether or not this solution is right for you. If you’ve tried at least two other anti-depressants in the past that were ineffective, esketamine might be the perfect addition to your medication management plan.

Patients usually take the nasal spray along with another anti-depressant drug. To administer it, you’ll need to come into the office and take your dose under a doctor’s supervision. After that, you will be required to stay for about two hours to be monitored.

The reason that the rules for using esketamine are so strict is that, while the drug has plenty of benefits, there are also some side effects you need to be aware of. These include:

  • Sedation
  • Dissociation
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Suicidal thoughts

If you start taking esketamine for depression, these side effects can pose risks to your health and safety. Esketamine has also been labeled potentially addictive, which is why it’s best if a physician personally manages your treatment with this medication. Because of all these potential issues that may come up, it’s important for us to monitor you as you take each dose for your own safety. We also ask you to wait to drive or operate machinery until the day after your latest treatment.

Despite a few risks and side effects, esketamine is a major turning point for patients with treatment-resistant depression. It could change your life for the better, so we’re happy to offer it as an alternative to other treatment plans.

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If you’ve had a hard time finding luck with regular anti-depressants alone, you could qualify for a new treatment plan with esketamine. You’ve been living with an anxiety disorder or depression, and now it’s time to start living with your passions, your interests and your loved ones.

We want to work with you to find a medical solution that has a positive impact on your mental health. Contact us now to schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider, and we can determine if esketamine treatment approach is the best option for you!

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