Mental Health Resources in Sacramento

Finding help is vital to addressing mental health issues. Unfortunately, about two-thirds of people with mental health problems are unable to access treatment due to various reasons. One of the reasons is lack of information about reliable resources. That’s why we’ve compiled a brief list of mental health resources in Sacramento. How to Get Mental […]

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Mental Health in California

California’s public mental health system is in turmoil. It’s not for lack of funding but for lack of proper strategies to tackle the problem and initiate advanced forms of mental health care across the state. The legislation is already in place, but the state lacks enough political support to address the effects of mental health […]

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Doctor Smiling with Patient

Steps to Good Mental Health

Physical activity can help your mental health in several ways: Aerobic exercise can boost your mood. Your body makes certain chemicals, called endorphins, during and after your workout. Endorphins relieve stress and make you feel calmer. Getting physical activity during the day can make it easier to sleep at night. Creating a routine can help you stay […]

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The Link Between Obesity and Weight Loss

People experience depression for a multitude of reasons. The causes vary so greatly from individual to individual that we couldn’t possibly cover them all extensively in one blog post. For this month’s post, we’re focusing on just one potential cause that’s a concern for many people: obesity. Not everyone who’s obese is depressed, of course, […]

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Psychiatrist Writing in Notebook

Strategies for Adults Living With ADHD

If you’re one of the 11 million adults in the United States with ADHD, you know how hard it can be to avoid distractions, get organized, and work efficiently. These simple behavioral strategies can help you manage your symptoms and stay focused. Strategies for Adults Living With ADHD Inattention, impulsivity, disorganization, restlessness, and other symptoms […]

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