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November 18, 2019

California’s public mental health system is in turmoil. It’s not for lack of funding but for lack of proper strategies to tackle the problem and initiate advanced forms of mental health care across the state.

The legislation is already in place, but the state lacks enough political support to address the effects of mental health in California. Previous court-ordered treatment programs have been met with support and resistance in equal measure, further compounding the problem.

The good news is that providers like Advanced Psychiatry Associates have stepped in to address some of these issues by offering better mental health care, expanding access to care and advocating for programs that help reduce stigmas.

Common Mental Health Issues in California

Some of the most prominent mental health disorders affecting Californians include:

These mental health issues can affect anyone, impeding one’s ability to carry out everyday activities and affecting quality of life. The prevalence of stigmas further compounds mental health problems, making it difficult for affected people to share and talk about their experiences openly. Fortunately, with proper treatment, mental health patients can overcome these struggles and enjoy long, fulfilling lives.

Mental Health Stats in California

Mental illness is a widespread problem that affects Californians from all walks of life. According to key findings, nearly one in six Californians experience some form of mental health problem. Plus, one in 24 California adults has a serious mental illness that impedes their ability to perform everyday activities. Here are several key mental health facts about California according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services:

  • 32% of high school students exhibited depression symptoms for 2 or more weeks in 2017
  • 13% of adolescents aged 12 to 17 years experience at least one major depressive episode, a rate which is higher than the national average
  • Suicide rates attributed to mental illness have increased by more than 52% since 2001
  • Higher rates of mental illness in California are prevalent among low-income individuals
  • Two-thirds of Californians with a mental illness are unable to get mental health care
  • The prevalence of mental health problems in California’s jails and prisons is extremely high, and about 30 percent of prison inmates receive mental health treatment every year
  • A third of homeless Californians have a serious mental illness

Seek Help for Mental Health Problems

The first signs of mental illness tend to appear before the age of 25. Regrettably, many people don’t seek medical help early due to lack of access to mental health care, lack of information or stigmas.

Advanced Psychiatry Associates provides reliable mental health services in California. We deal with a wide variety of mental health problems ranging from depression to substance abuse. Our professional team of psychiatrists, led by Dr. Soliman, can recommend the right treatment for any mental health concern. We want to help Californians like you find the support they need. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.