October 18, 2019

“I first began as a patient with Dr. Soliman in 2011. My story is personal but, I will say I had no intentions of being alive more than a couple months after our first encounter. It’s been nearly years now and every morning I am grateful to be alive and when I go to sleep each night I am thankful for him believing in me.
Growing up knowing that you’re unloved and not wanted, repeatedly slipping through the cracks of the system because of your families social status and labeled “troubled” and the people that you should be able for turn to believe the “upstanding citizens” over the victims repeated cries for help, it’s difficult to trust anyone.
Dr Soliman earned my trust and has been there every step of the way. Never once making me feel like I was a burden or inconvenience.
I’ve been able to receive some top rated counseling with experienced professionals familiar with my situation and I have worked through many things to give me opportunities to help other people out of harmful situations. Knowledge is power.
Thank you Everyone at Folsom Psychitry I really feel the love and good vibes when I come in. Here’s to expanding your practice and the future!
I want to give a shout out to the office staff who are always so welcoming and to my wonderful counselor who shall remain nameless due to his already over inflated ego and extensively booked schedule. I’m grateful and appreciative of all that you do for everyone.”