encourage loved one to seek mental help

How to Encourage a Loved One to Seek Mental Health Help

Encourage Loved Ones to Seek Mental Help In any given year, one in five adults in the United States — or nearly 44 million Americans — experiences severe anxiety, major depression, bipolar disorder, or some other type of mental illness. No matter what form it takes, mental illness can be seriously disruptive for those it […]

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How are medications and devices used in drug addiction treatment?

How Medication and Devices Impact Drug Addiction Treatment Medications and devices can be used to manage withdrawal symptoms, prevent relapse, and treat co-occurring conditions. Withdrawal. Medications and devices can help suppress withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. Detoxification is not in itself “treatment,” but only the first step in the process. Patients who do not receive any further […]

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What to Do If You Have a Problem with Drugs: For Adults

If I want help with drug addiction, where do I start? Asking for help is the first important step. Call and Visit your doctor at Southeast Medical Group for treatment. It takes a lot of courage to seek help for a drug problem because there is a lot of hard work ahead. However, treatment can […]

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tms rewire brain

Rewire Your Brain? Yes, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Can Really Work

How TMS Works More than 15 million American adults suffer from depression. That’s 6.7 percent of the entire United States population above the age of 18. Not everyone suffers from the same type of depression or in the same ways, but so many are suffering and in need of help. Support, patience, and understanding from […]

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what it is like being bipolar

What Is It Like To Be Bipolar?

About Bipolar Disorder “What are you, bipolar or something?” That question can sometimes be thrown around a bit too lightly. When someone says that, they usually don’t really mean it. How could they? Most people don’t really know what it’s like to have bipolar disorder. But those who suffer from it know that bipolar disorder […]

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