Psychological therapy

November 18, 2019

Finding help is vital to addressing mental health issues. Unfortunately, about two-thirds of people with mental health problems are unable to access treatment due to various reasons. One of the reasons is lack of information about reliable resources. That’s why we’ve compiled a brief list of mental health resources in Sacramento.

How to Get Mental Health Services in Sacramento

Sacramento has several mental health providers that treat patients and prescribe medication. If you or a family member needs mental health support, you’re advised to make an appointment with your healthcare provider or dial 2-1-1 to join a suitable mental health program. Here’s a list of referral services that can help you find an appropriate mental health care provider:

  • Mental Health Access Team — 916-875-1055 or 888-881-4881: This referral service provides over-the-phone assessment before referring patients to appropriate mental health care providers. The service is available Monday through Friday.
  • Community Support Team — 916-874-6015: The Sacramento community support team provides field-based assessments and help individuals navigate mental health services.
  • Consumer-Operated Warm Line — 916-366-4668: This service is offered by survivors of mental illnesses and those in recovery. They share their experiences and offer support to mental health patients.
  • Mental Health Crisis Triage Services: Mental Health Crisis Triage Services provides support through community-based programs. The support is provided in person, via phone or through a secured website.
  • Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic: This care clinic offers mental health services on a walk-in basis to people of all ages. The clinic also handles substance abuse crises. You don’t have to book an appointment to receive care.

Mental Health Groups in Sacramento

Joining a mental health group is another good option for individuals seeking help. Some of the recommended mental health groups in Sacramento include:

  • The Peak Counseling Group
  • Life Practice Counseling Group
  • NAMI Sacramento
  • Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento
  • Clean and Sober

Sacramento Mental Health Services for Adults and Children

The Sacramento County Division of Behavioral Health Services is responsible for providing mental health services for residents at facilities throughout the county. The services offered at these facilities include:

  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Assisted access to underserved populations
  • Therapy and counseling
  • Anger management
  • Peer support
  • Residential crisis
  • Medication evaluation
  • Case management
  • Hospitalization

Get the Right Assistance by Contacting Advanced Psychiatry Associates

The impact of mental illness on our families, communities and society cannot be understated. Whether you’re looking for treatment for yourself or a loved one, Advanced Psychiatry Associates is here to support you.

By taking bold steps and encouraging patients to seek proper treatment, we can significantly reduce the rising cases of mental illness and eliminate stigmas. In addition, mental health patients are able to talk openly about their experiences as they try to overcome some of the challenges affecting their lives.

For more information about our programs for mental health issues in Sacramento, please reach out to Advanced Psychiatry Associates today. Our friendly and qualified counselors are available to provide you with all the necessary help and support you need.